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YOHYOH Bigcontest
YOHYOH Bigcontest

Welcome to YOHYOH Bigcontest

Hey guys, YOHYOH is the India's best and largest web portal where you could showcase your talents, hobbies, products, services and more.Now YOHYOH has been conducting a contest where the talented Designers can showcase themselves in YOHYOH and win prize money of Rs.50,000 for best 13 showcases.


  • Signup to YOHYOH by just entering your Email ID and get password to your Email inbox
  • Make a showcase of your talents and skills in YOHYOH and promote them in other socialnetwork sites
  • Get more Likes, Shares, Comments and Followers to your showcase
  • Use YOHYOH features like Tagging links, Play with Image, Video mailing to large extent

Minimum entry criteria

  • Must be a new showcase
  • At least 20 images / videos per showcase
  • At least 100 likes per showcase from unique IP's
  • At least 100 followers per showcase


  • Best showcase is voted by users
  • In case of a tie, YohYoh team decision will be final
  • Showcase name should not indicate institute / organization / showcase creator
  • Showcases can continue in contests in future
  • Likes, Views, Images, Followers, Votes count will be reset at end of the contest
  • An individual / organization can create any number of showcases