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Central nervous system and BrainAnxiety

Anxiety is a psychological and physiological state considered normal to stress. However, the indications of anxiety vary between adults and children, mainly because of the fact that children are often unable to express themselves as the adults do.

Indicators (for adults):

• Worrying excessively about everything

• Shortness of breath,

• Palpitations

• Dizziness while at rest

• Avoid social situations

• Having more than one phobia

• Afraid of leaving home

• Repeated pessimistic thoughts about the past and future.

Indicators (for children):

Indicators for children are different as they often don’t express themselves as adults do. These include:

• Nightmares

• Insomnia

• Teeth grinding

• Bedwetting

• Upset stomach

• Headache

• Sinus and respiratory infections.

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