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Central nervous system and BrainThoracic Outlet Syndrome (TOS)

Thoracic Outlet Syndrome is a group of disorders involving the compression of the nerve or the vascular vein in the superior thoracic cavity. The indications of thoracic outlet syndrome vary depending upon which structures are compressed.

 When nerves are compressed, indications of neurologic outlet syndrome may include:

• Pain, particularly in the medial aspect of the arm, forearm, and the ring and small digits

• Paresthesias, often nocturnal, awakening the patient with pain or numbness.

• Weakness

• Cold intolerance

• Neck pain, pain over the trapezium, anterior chest wall pain, and occipital headache may also occur.

• Hand coldness, numbness and color changes (Raynaud’s Phenomenon)

Indications of Vascular TOS include:

• Swelling of the arm and hand, possibly due to the blood clots

• Cyanosis, i.e., the purplish tinge on the hands and fingers

• Subclavian vein thrombosis

• Throbbing lump near the collar bone

• Lack of color (pallor) in one or more fingers or the entire hand

• Tiny black spots (infarcts) on the fingers.

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