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Digestive organs and metabolismHemorrhoids

Hemorrhoids are structures present in the anal canal of a normal human being. They become pathological and piles when they become infected and inflamed. The infection can be external or internal and the indications for the hemorrhoid infection may include one or all of the following:

• Bleeding in the rectal area(anus) when pressure is exerted.

• Change in size shape and color of stool; stool usually comes out thin, narrow nin shape and size and dark in color.

• Pain and irritation in the rectal area.

• Anal discharge.

• Severe itching in the anus region.

• A swollen lump, bump or sores in the anal and rectal region.

• Discomfort while passing stool.

• Hard stool delivery.

• Skin irritation and redness in the anal region.

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