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Anorexia is a term of Greek origin a (α, prefix of negation), n (ν, link between two vowels) and orexis (appetite), thus meaning lack of desire to eat. It is a serious mental illness and has the highest mortality rate of any psychiatric disorder. It can affect anyone and the indications include:

• Strange eating habits.

• Health problems like lethargy and lack of menstruation- one of the serious signs of anorexia.

• Division of foods into "good/safe" and "bad/dangerous" categories.

• May have low tolerance for change and new situations;

• Sudden and severe weight loss.

• Scheduling their meals plan up to days in advance.

• Obsessing about food, weight, and/or appearance.

• Weigh themselves several times a day; often believe that they are fat, even when they are      severely underweight.

• Preoccupation with food. People may cook wonderful food for others, collect recipes, and so on but they just won’t eat themselves.

• People with anorexia often avoid eating in public.

• Lying about their weight and how much food they eat.

• Abusing diet pills and/or laxatives.

• Exercising excessively in order to help them lose more weight.

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