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Autism is a severe developmental disorder that begins at the birth or within the first two and a half years of life. Most of the autistic child are perfectly normal in appearance and hence it a bit difficult to recognize the signs. However, if recognized early, the lifestyle and future of the child can be saved to a large extent and according to the recent studies; autism can be treated as well.

The indications of autism include:

• Autism early signs may appear before 8 months of age, where infants resist being cuddled or hugged.

• At 12 months,autistic infants may not babble, point or make meaningful gestures in the normal way.

• A child fails to speak a single word till the age of 18 months.

• Problems like poor eye contact and not responding to their name.

• Autism Children show a wide variety of behavior patterns, they do not smile much.

• Lack of language skills, won’t interact smoothly in social life. Struggles alone without asking for any kind of help or assistance.

• Over sensitive,

• Under reactivity to touch,

• Specific learning difficulties or delays in academic achievement;

• Physical clumsiness or carelessness

• An activity level that is unusually high or low;

• Not unwinding or calming oneself;

• At times seems to be hearing impaired

• Staring abstractly or just without any intention/objective 

• Difficulty learning new movements;

• Difficulty in making transitions from one situation to another;

• Inability to make friends.

• Repetitive movements or behavior- lining up toys or stacking them one above the other

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