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GeneralCystic Fibrosis

Cystic fibrosis is a common genetic disorder that affects the entire body, causing progressive disability and eventually death. Although the cure for the disease is still under research, if diagnosed early, the pain suffered by the patient can be reduced to a large extent.

The indications for the cystic fibrosis include:

• A kiss that tastes salty might be an indicator of cystic fibrosis.

• The baby does not passes stool when first born

• Enlargement in the right side of the heart.

• Frequent Chest pain

• Abnormal heart rhythms and shock.

• Abnormalities in sweat and mucus glands that will cause an abnormal balance of minerals within the blood. 

• Child’s fingers and toes turning enlarged and wider

• Chronic cough that makes thick, sticky mucus. 

• Children’s even having a healthy appetite shows a slow growing rate.

• Offensive stool, enlarged liver and enlarged spleen.

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