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GeneralSjogren's syndrome

Sjogren’s syndrome is an autoimmune disease that causes the dryness of the mouth and the eyes. It can also lead to the dryness of other places that require moisture like nose, throat and skin. It mostly affects the people above the age of 40 year; of these 9 out of 10 are women.

The indications for the disease include:

• Dry Eyes leading to eye irritation, “gritty” sensation, infection and serious abrasion in the cornea.

• Dry Mouth

• Glandular inflammation coupled with pain, specifically the parotid gland

• Achy Joints

• Sensory Changes –loss of smell and taste.

• Dry Skin, nose

• Vaginal dryness

• Numbness in arms and legs,

• Bruising and dry cough.

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