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Infectious diseasesAnthrax

Anthrax is an acute bacterial disease. Most forms of the disease are lethal and can affect both humans as well as animals. Indications of anthrax infection depend upon how the person gets the infection. They usually occur within 7 days.

Infection by skin contact (cutaneous)

- Development of raised itchy bumps that resemble skin bite.

- Within 1-2 days, these bumps develop into a boil-like sore and then a painless ulcer with the characteristic dark (dying) area in the center.

- Swelling of the adjacent lymph glands.

Infection by inhalation

- Initial indication may resemble a common cold.

- Progress to severe breathing problems and shock after several days.

Infection by ingestion

- Nausea

- Loss of appetite

- Vomiting

- Vomiting of blood

- Fever

- Abdominal pain

- Severe diarrhea

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