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Infectious diseasesAscariasis

Ascariasis is human disease where a parasitic worm Ascariasis infects the human intestine. About one quarter of the world’s population are particularly affected by these worms. This disease is particularly prevalent in the tropical area and in areas having poor hygienic conditions. Ascariasis infection occurs through the indigestion of food contaminated with feces containing the parasite’s egg. The infection may lead to serious problems when these migrate to other parts of the body.

The indications for Ascariasis include:

• Bloody sputum

• Cough

• Low-grade fever

• Passing worms in stool

• Shortness of breath

• Skin rash

• Vomiting

• Wheezing

• Severe abdominal pain

• Biliary tract blockage

• Abdominal discomfort

• Restlessness

• Disturbed sleep

• The infected person may show signs of malnutrition.

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