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Infectious diseasesCholera

Cholera is a severe bacterial infection which affects the small intestine. If not treated early, cholera can lead to the death. Cholera is one of the leading causes of death around the world.

The indications of cholera include:

• Minor diarrhea with extreme vomiting and queasy sensation

• Loose excrements

• Intense thirst and a feeling of restlessness

• Severe drop in the blood pressure giving rise to intense internal spasms which may possibly result in the  physical collapse of the body

• Rising body temperature

• Increased heart rate

• Dehydrated skin

• Cold sensation along with sweaty skin

• Crumpled skin on the fingers

• Diminished urination or no urination at all

• Voice becoming feeble and rasping

• Severe drowsiness that may even lead to coma

• Sunken eyes

• Seizures and tremors

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