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Dental Treatment during Pregnancy

Pregnancy is the phase in women life, when extensive care is taken by her family and dear ones. During this phase excessive medicines and treatments are avoided if not necessary. But, anyhow if sudden toothache starts during pregnancy then 2nd Trimester is the ideal time. Regular dental checkups during pregnancy are advisable as some women develop swollen gums or gums infection due to rise in hormone level during pregnancy.  X- Rays taken in dental treatment can be avoided till birth because they can cause negative effect on baby. General care of teeth to be taken during pregnancy is as follows:

•  Always brush twice a day to keep your teeth healthy.

•  Avoid too long dental visits.

•  Baby first teeth develop during first three months of pregnancy. Try to avoid sugary food during this period.

•  Whenever you visit Dentist, do not forget to tell that you are pregnant.

• Use dental floss, twice a day as shown in figure.

•  Teeth whitening and other cosmetic procedures can be postpones until the birth.

Above are list of common dental care during pregnancy. Follow thumb rule that only 2nd trimester is safe for Dental treatment.

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