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Frequently Asked Questions

1. I haven't been to dentist for about 7 years. I have been suffering from toothache and need to go to dentist. I have one tooth at back of mouth that is chipped out and another that is broken only root is left. What is plan of treatment?

If tooth is chipped out, you need to consult dentist immediately for Dental X – Ray. After analyzing X – ray dentist will plan whether RCT can save the tooth or extraction of tooth is necessary. Other tooth which is broken, root has to be extracted to prevent further infection.

2. How can one whiten their teeth without spending much money on dental treatment?

There are two options for teeth whitening, either visit dental clinic and get it done in one sitting or buy Whitening kit from the pharmacy and apply the ingredients in the custom mouth tray(flexible denture like plates for upper and lower teeth). Later can be done at home, only you have to go for impression and then collect mouth trays from the dentist and it is less expensive.

3. I need dental treatment, but have needle phobia, is there other sedatives such as tablets I can have?

No, tablets are not used to anaesthetize patient in Dentistry. Flavored sprays are there which can anaesthetize the area where needle has to be pricked. After using sprays you will not even feel the pain of needle prick. If you are still apprehensive, then treatment can be done even in General Anesthesia (GA).

4. Is it safe for women trying for pregnancy to go for dental treatment?

After consulting Gynecologist, you can go for Dental treatment as some medicines given after treatment may obstruct pregnancy.

5. I am allergic to amoxicillin, is there any other alternative?

Yes, there are some injections which are specifically given to allergic patients. Always tell your dentist that you are allergic to amoxicillin before starting with Dental treatment.

6. My back right top molar is completely gone, only part of the outer shell is left. What treatment will I get?

If molar is completely gone, than only extraction is advisable.

7. Is intravenous sedation safe for dental treatment for children 4 years and above? My Doctor recommended it for my 4 1/2 yr old child.

Yes. Intravenous sedation is purely safe for children. In fact it is advisable because kids are more apprehensive and anxious, if not sedated than Dental treatment becomes quite difficult.

8. How do I get rid of the harmful effects of having so many X-rays for dental treatment?

Before having Dental X – rays always ask for lead apron shield which can reduce the exposure.

9. After removing braces, what's next? Do you have to wear retainers?

Yes, after braces are removed you have to wear retainers for at least 3 to 4 months as decided by Orthodontist. Retainers prevent the relapse of treatment.

10. Is it true that some effect of dental treatments can affect the vision of a person?

No, it is not true we have heard our grandparents saying ‘Dental treatment can affect your eyesight’. Till now studies have not proved this statement.

11. My dentist is going to change some of my crowns (I have more than a few), but will not retreat the root canals, which were treated 10 or more years ago. He said there's no reason to touch the root canals if they are in good condition. He'll use the old posts too. I'm wondering if this is good procedure. Any insights on this one.

If there are no signs of infection observed by the dentist after analyzing the X-ray, then there is no need to repeat RCT. Condition can only be judge after seeing the X – ray.

12. Does orthodontic treatment with extraction bring about difficulties in breathing?

No, not at all you can breathe easily after orthodontic treatment.

13. If I am brushing twice a day, still there is a need to visit dentist regularly?

If you are taking proper oral care and having no problem with teeth, then also it is advisable to visit dentist at least once a year just to make sure that everything is fine.

14. Recently I heard about dental tourism, what it is all about?

Dental tourism is nothing but a package in which you can have fun, enjoy and simultaneously get your treatment done in lower prices. Nowadays, it’s a trend to have vacations and as well get your dental treatment done without waiting too long for dental appointments. There are some of the companies which are associated with reputed dental clinics and giving attractive offers too.

15. If patient finds dental treatment expensive, then what is the other option?

Some of the dental treatments such as Implants, Dentures, Teeth whitening, and Multiple RCT are quite expensive. In this case patient should always try to gather knowledge about Dental Insurance and explore which treatments are covered in Insurance as it varies. Many companies gives Dental Insurance to their employees  , so try to take benefit and get all your dental treatment done without any worry.

16. When should I change my Toothbrush?

Toothbrush should always be changed after every 3 months. Once you see that the bristles of brush wear, it’s an indication to change the brush. Nowadays some brands have color coding in toothbrush which when recedes indicate change of brush.

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