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Oral Piercing

What is Oral Piercing?

Oral piercing or tongue piercing or lip piercing is very common in western countries and it is a trend among the youngsters.

Is oral piercing safe?

No, oral piercing is not at all safe procedure. It can lead to many complications which can be proving harmful for dental health.

What are the complications associated with oral piercing?

Following are the risks associated with Oral piercing:

Infection: Infection is the foremost complication of oral piercing. Infection in oral cavity can also lead to many health related problems. Ornament or jewelry in mouth does not allow proper brushing and cleaning of mouth.

Bleeding: Sometimes piercing leads to continuous bleeding which can take even months to heal. If piercing is done by some inexperienced professional it can result in nerve damage.

Tooth wear: Tooth wear is most common in oral piercing. jewelry pierced also disrupts speech which can be temporary or permanent depending upon the location and method of piercing.

Choking Hazards: If tongue or lip piercing is not done done properly, it can lead to choking hazards.

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