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Post Extraction Instructions

Post extractions instructions are the major part in Dentistry. If these instructions are not followed properly, can even lead to serious adverse effects. Dry socket (infection in extraction site) is the most common complication after extraction. It occurs , if clot is not formed properly or clot formation get disturbed by frequent spitting.

Major Post Extraction Instructions are as follows:

• Do not remove the cotton pellet from the mouth for at least half an hour after extraction.

• After removing cotton you can take cold things like Ice cream , Cold shakes. But, never use straw to sip drinks after extraction.

• Rinsing with saline water is recommended thrice a day for 3 days after extraction.

• Avoid spitting again and again as it will not allow clot formation.

• Avoid Brushing on the extraction site for at least 2 days. If suturing has been done then brushing is avoided for 4 to 5 days. Gentle brushing with finger is advisable.

• Follow the drug prescription carefully and do not miss any medicine.

• Avoid Smoking for at least 3 days after extraction.

• Intake of liquid diet is advisable for 1 or 2 days. Avoid sticky food, as it can harm the extraction site.

• Always try to rinse after meals. Try to keep mouth clean as much as possible.

• Do not try to touch or stretch the extraction site again and again.

Above are some of the general instructions to be followed after extraction. If you find swelling or bleeding continuing for more than 24 hours, immediately consult your Dentist for needful.

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