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Different Types of Toothbrush

Wide Variety of toothbrush are available, broad classification regarding the use of toothbrush is as follows


Electric Toothbrush is meant for handicapped patients who cannot easily rotate toothbrush in mouth. These toothbrushes are very easy to use and battery operated. Though, some complaints are there that these toothbrushes are not efficient enough to remove food particles as compared to manual toothbrush.
Manual Toothbrush are classified according to their structure. Cleaning teeth by manual toothbrush twice a day is a good habit and easy way to keep your teeth healthy.

• Soft Toothbrush is specifically for patients who have sensitive or injured gums. After surgery also, doctors prescribe soft toothbrush for few days.

• Medium Toothbrush is for patients who have minimal plaque (white colored coating) deposition and low tartar deposits.

• Hard Toothbrush should always be used after the Dentist prescription. Sometimes hard toothbrush can injure gums and soft tissues of mouth.

• Interdental Toothbrush is mainly to remove food particles in between the teeth. These toothbrushes are recommended after ortho treatment or braces application. It has fine bristles as shown in figure which can easily remove plaque in between the teeth.

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