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Lock Jaw

What is lock jaw?

Trismus or lock jaw is condition in which patient is unable to open his mouth.

What are the causes of Lock Jaw?

Inflammation around molar teeth: Abscess formation or pericoronitis around last molar makes opening of mouth difficult.

Tetanus: It is characterized by lock jaw; first it affects jaw and neck area and then progress to other parts of body.

Temporomandibular joint (TMJ) disorder: Disorders of the teeth can contribute to TMJ dysfunction.  Impaired tooth mobility and tooth loss can be caused by destruction of the supporting bone and by heavy forces being placed on teeth.

Oral sub mucous fibrosis: Due to excessive tobacco chewing and smoking moth opening becomes difficult.

What is the treatment of Lock Jaw?

Lock jaw can be treated by following methods:

• Visit Dental clinic: If lock jaw is because of any impacted molar which is pressing trigeminal nerve or infection in teeth, then it can be treated accordingly.

• If there is TMJ disorder than consult physiotherapist and orthodontist for the needful.

• Stop all bad oral habits; they can lead to one or the other diseases which can even lead to death.

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