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Oral Habits and Damage to Teeth

Chewing Habits:

Bad chewing habits can lead to severe damage of oral structure. Some people are in habit of chewing hard objects as well from teeth. Tailors are in habit of keeping needle in between the front teeth which makes indentations on the incisal surface of teeth. It results in sensitivity and recession of teeth.


Many of us are in habit of grinding teeth during night or day when excited and nervous. Continuos grinding of teeth erode enamel and expose the inner layer of teeth which results in sensitivity.

Using Teeth as scissors:

Youngsters use their teeth to open cold drink bottles and beer bottles. This results in direct pressure on periodontal structures of teeth and causes sensitivity. Some people cut labels of clothes with teeth instead of scissors.

Brushing for longer time:

Brushing for longer time leads to erosion of enamel and sensitivity. Brushing technique varies according to oral health of individual.

Avoiding Dental caries:

Some people avoid dental appointments due to dental fear and phobia which makes dental health worse. Small black spot on teeth can result in deep caries if avoided for longer time.

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