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Tooth Pain

Tooth pain is one of the bad experiences anyone can have in life. Every one of us once or twice has suffered from severe tooth pain. Common psychology of man is, never to visit dentist before the pain becomes intolerable. 

Some of the common reasons of tooth pain are:

Carious Tooth: Caries is a black discoloration which can be present in any part of the teeth. If this black discoloration exists in crown (upper surface of teeth) area, then filling (silver filling, tooth colored filling) can solve the problem. If caries extends deep into the tooth and reaches pulp (where blood supply of tooth is present) then RCT (root canal treatment) is advisable. Sometimes caries lesion even reaches apex, then RCT has poor prognosis and extraction is the only option.

Fractured Tooth: In case of fractured tooth severity of pain depends upon the line of fracture. Fracture causes redness or inflammation of soft tissues and gums which leads to severe pain. Sometimes accidentally during eating especially Non vegetarian food people tend to break their teeth. Treatment of Fractured teeth depends upon the extent of fracture line. If fracture line lies in crown then Filling is advisable, but if it crosses the crown and reaches pulp then RCT (root canal treatment) is recommended).

Tartar Deposition: Heavy tartar deposition or plaque deposition around teeth sometimes lead to pain. In this case, you should consult dentist for routine cleaning.

Above are some of the main reasons of toothache which can be treated accordingly.

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