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New Inventions in Dentistry

What is CAD/CAM dentistry?

Computer aided design and computer aided manufacturing in dentistry is known as CAD/CAM dentistry.

What is the process involved in CAD/CAM dentistry?

Typically CAD/CAM restorations are milled from solid blocks of white composite resin or porcelain matching the shade of the restored tooth. After the problem is removed from the diseased tooth, an image is taken of the resulting defect. This image draws the data into a computer and proprietary software is used to create a seal for the defect within the program, essentially creating a virtual restoration. The software then sends this virtual data to a milling chamber by the dentist where the seal for the defect (the dental restoration) is carved out of a solid block of composite resin or porcelain. The resultant restoration can then be adjusted in the patient’s mouth and bonded in place.

What are the advantages of CAD/CAM DENTISTRY?

Basic advantages of CAD/CAM dentistry are:

• Accuracy in dental treatment

• Since these restorations contain no metal to block subsequent x-rays, dentists are able to keep track of potential decay underneath a CAD/CAM restoration

Can tooth be used in eye to repair vision?

Yes, team of doctors made it possible; it’s a miracle that women after 9 years got her vision back with her tooth implanted in eye. Tooth was used to hold lens of an eye. Check this amazing video.

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