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Oral Cancer

What is oral cancer?

Excessive cell growth results in enlarged mass known as tumor. There are no strict boundaries of tumor, it slowly and slowly extends to surrounding healthy tissues and make them infected. Oral cancer generally invades throat, head and neck. Generally all oral cancers begin in squamous cells, therefore known as squamous cell carcinomas.

What are the causes of Oral Cancer?

 Excessive smoking: Cigarettes contains tar which is harmful for the system of human being. If you practically smoke cigarette on white clean surface it will turn that surface yellow. Slowly and slowly tar keeps on depositing in our lungs and makes them even difficult to work. Excessive smoking results in limited mouth opening because of bands formation in cheek area. Eventually this condition turns into carcinoma formation.

Tobacco chewing: Tobacco chewers are in habit of keeping tobacco in between the cheeks or below tongue which makes that area infected. Heavy deposition of tobacco and prolonged habit is the main cause of oral cancer.

Excessive exposure to sunlight: Excessive exposure to sunlight causes cancers of oral cavity. Normally lower lip gets infected. Before going in sunlight always carry umbrella or apply sunscreen.

Exposure to X-Rays: High duration and prolonged exposure to x - rays can cause oral cancer.

Hereditary: Hereditary is one of the major factor in causing oral cancer. Inherited genes makes cells more sensitive to exposure to sunlight, x - rays and eventually result in cancer.

Sharp Tooth: Sharp tooth which keeps on irritating the tongue, if left neglected can turn into cancer in a period of time.

What are the prevention measures of oral cancer?

  • Limit the frequency of smoking and slowly and slowly stop completely. It is not at all healthy habit for oral cavity and body system as well.
  • If you are sensitive to exposure of x - rays, its patient duty to priory inform the dentist so that Dentist will treat accordingly.
  • If you are going in scorching heat then always carry sunscreen, apply lipstick or lip balm which has SPF in it.
  • Regular follow up checkups are recommended to treat condition in early stages.

What are the methods of treatment?

  • Chemotherapy
  • Radiation therapy
  • Surgery

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