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Plaque and Gingivitis

What is plaque?

Plaque is a sticky white colored layer which forms on the tooth surface. This layer is rich in bacteria which gets stick on teeth and slowly starts eroding the upper layer of teeth (Enamel).

When it get form on our teeth?

When you eat any sweets or drink any soft drinks with sugar, the bacteria release acids that attack your tooth enamel. Plaque formation starts after every food intake.

Should we brush after every meal?

Yes, brushing is advisable after every meal to get rid of plaque.

Does Plaque gives rise to caries?

Yes, continuous attack of bacteria makes the tooth surface look yellow and slowly it turns to black which is an initiation of caries. Some caries are superficial which does not progress if proper brushing is done.

Is brushing the only solution to remove plaque?

Apart from brushing following are the other methods:

  • Regular flossing

  • Mouthwash rinses

Does plaque formation also lead to bad breath?

Yes, plaque formation leads to bad breath.

What are the consequences of plaque formation? 

What is gingivitis?

Inflammation of gum tissue is known as Gingivitis.

What are the causes of Gingivitis?

Major causes of gingivitis are:

Plaque deposition on teeth: It is one of the major causes of gum bleeding and inflammation, if proper brushing and flossing is done then plaque does not proceed to Gingivitis.

Pregnancy: In pregnancy most common condition is gingivitis also known as pregnancy gingivitis. Due to hormonal changes and frequent vomiting, nausea gums swell and becomes red. Dental checkup during pregnancy is advisable, though treatment can be delayed till child birth.

Diabetes: In diabetic patients Gum bleeding is very common as their immune system becomes weak and not capable to fight against bacteria causing disease.

How can you prevent Gingivitis?

Steps to prevent Gingivitis are:

• Regular flossing

• Brushing twice a day

• Mouthwash rinses twice a day

• Regular dental checkups and cleaning of teethe.

What is the treatment of Gingivitis?

Gingivitis can be treated by

• Deep Scaling beneath the gums is done to clean underlying calculus and plaque.

• Curettage: Curettage is the process in which soft tissue lining is removed to eliminate diseased tissue as shown in the video.

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