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Tooth Whitening

Smile is the outlook of inner beauty. Bright smile comes from Shinning and brighter teeth. Everyone nowadays is crazy about teeth whitening also known as bleaching and why not its simple as well. Teeth turns yellow due to many reasons such as

• Smoking

• Tobacco chewing

• Harsh brushing technique

• Age

• Bad oral hygiene

• Tetracycline staining

Due to above mentioned reasons, deposits keep on accumulating on our teeth and make them look yellow. Then comes the reason of Teeth Whitening which oxidizes the organic deposits present on teeth and makes them look brighter. Tetracycline staining can be removed to less extent but not fully.

Contraindications of Teeth Whitening:

• Sensitive teeth

• Receding gums ( when gums are not upto their normal level)

• Heavy tartar deposition

• Carious teeth

• Fractured restorations(fillings)

• Allergic to hydrogen peroxide

 Teeth whitening is of two types:

1. Home based Teeth Whitening:  This type of teeth whitening should never be done without expert advice.



• Home based technique is cheaper

• Level of whitening depends on your choice

• You can choose time according to your convenience

• It's safe as you gums and oral tissues does not get exposed to rays


• Uneven whitening is noticed, if tray does not fully adapt on teeth

• Makes Teeth sensitive to some extent

Laser Teeth whitening: This type of teeth whitening is done under the doctor's supervision. It can be completed in single visit.



• It saves time

• Teeth becomes white and bright without your efforts


• It is very costly

• Special blue colored used can be harmful for oral tissues

• Makes teeth sensitive to some extent

• Level of whitening is not under our control

Frequently Asked Questions

Is a tooth whitening permanent if done once?

Tooth whitening is not a permanent procedure to keep your teeth bright. Excessive intake of tea and coffee, smoking and poor oral hygiene can make them again look yellow. You have to apply gels or visit dentist after regular intervals.

Is there any cheap method apart from home based and laser Teeth Whitening?

You can apply hydrogen peroxide or soda bicarbonate which is easily available in every kitchen. Make paste of soda bicarbonate with water and apply for 2 to 3 minutes. If you are using hydrogen peroxide , then dilute it and apply on teeth.

Why Teeth whitening is so expensive?

Teeth whitening is in demand nowadays, only laser teeth whitening is expensive. Some cheap methods are also available in market.

Is Teeth whitening safe?

Answer to this question varies on the interest and priority of a patient who is undergoing the whitening treatment.

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