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  Importance of healthy breakfast

A healthy breakfast is necessary every day. Breakfast is a right way to start the day’s nutrition in right way. Eating regular and healthy breakfast maintains a healthy weight and improves overall health. But most of the people think that if they skip breakfast they can lose weight, but in fact it is not true. Breakfast means you are breaking the fast after a long night of sleep; eat breakfast like a king is what you should always remember. You should eat within an hour of getting up. If you skip your breakfast your body metabolism becomes slow. Higher energy levels are maintained if you eat breakfast. Glucose the sole source of energy for brain and the continuous supply of glucose is necessary to improve concentration and memory. If you skip the breakfast this may lead to poor memory and decreases the concentration, low blood sugar levels are maintained. While you skip your breakfast you may have high craving for the food you eat at lunch time and this may lead to weight gain. Instead of skipping its always better to eat in a smaller portion. It is good to include variety of foods in your breakfast. A healthy breakfast is that which contains variety of foods like cereals, fruits, milk and vegetables. It is always good to include complex carbohydrates or whole grains in your breakfast and this may give u satiety. Your healthy breakfast boosts your body metabolism. Many types of breakfast items are available according to the region. But a healthy breakfast is the meaning for what good foods we choose to maintain our health.

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