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  Weight gain and Menopause

Hormones play a major role that can be responsible for weight gain. Estrogen plays a big role in weight maintenance in menopause. During menopause estrogen levels are decreased, this causes to stop ovulating. Ovaries produce estrogen, In menopause ovaries produce less estrogen and body looks for estrogen from other places to get enough estrogen. Estrogen can be produced from fat cells. So body tries to convert calories to fat in order to produce estrogen levels. But as fat cells don’t burn calories as muscles do and this unwanted fat is responsible for weight gain. Progesterone levels are decreased in menopause and this cause to water retention and that cause’s weight gain. Increase in androgen in your body causes to weight gain around your abdominal instead of around your lower half. Testosterone usually helps body to create lean muscle mass, increasing body metabolism. In menopause testosterone levels are decreased and this leads in the loss of muscle, which decreases metabolism. Stress is also one factor that leads to weight gain in menopause. Insulin resistance can occur during menopause, due to this every calorie mistakenly may turn in to fat. Proper nutrition also play important role in menopause.

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