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  Food Garnish Ideas

Food garnishing is decorating food items and drinks to them look attractive, appeal and appetizing. Garnish can also be used to add flavor and color. Appropriate food garnishes should be used for food dishes. Sometimes one who doesn’t like the particular dish because of different taste preferences even go with the dish as food garnishing attracts. Different food garnishing tools are used to chop, shred, slice etc.

• Carrots can be grated, shredded, chopped and sliced to use as garnish for different recipes which will be attractive.

• Desserts can be garnished with grated chocolates and even chocolate chips can be used. Both dark chocolate and white chocolate can be used.


• Coriander leaves can be used as garnishing specially in evening snacks such as chats. Even on rice items and curries coriander leaves can be used as garnishing.

• Melted chocolate can be used on fruits and nuts.

• Lemons and oranges can be cut out to strips, wedges and twists can be used as garnishing desserts and drinks.

• Cheese, cream and yogurt can be used as soup garnishes.

• Chopped mint leaves can be used as garnishing in vegetables curries and rice pulao.

• Grated nuts can be used on desserts.

• Sliced tomatoes, cucumber and peppers can be used as garnishing

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