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  Nutrition in Eczema

Eczema is a chronic recurring skin inflammation that appears as blisters that dry to become a scaly.  The effects of foods on the skin are complicated and difficult to assess. Dietary strategies shown to improve cases of eczema.

Foods to be given:

• Vit A is important nutrient for skin.

• Green- Asparagus, broccoli, spinach

• Yellow- Cantaloupe, carrots, yellow peaches, pumpkin and yellow squash.

• Fruits such as apple, pears, berries, date .Fresh fruit is best choice.

• Carrot juice is good for skin.

• A raw vegetable such as carrot and cucumber is good.

• Dry fruits such as walnuts and almonds provide essential fatty acids.

• Plenty of vegetables and fruits are good to eat.

Foods to avoid:

• Avoid foods that trigger allergic reactions such as Cow’s milk ,peanuts ,wheat, oranges, corn, soy, eggs and food preservative like MSG(mono sodium glutamate)

• Avoid cakes made of ingredients such as wheat flour, cow’s milk and eggs.

• If you find any allergic reactions when you give almonds or walnuts then please stop.

• Avoid chocolates.

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