Nutrition Management - Nutrition Management in Respiratory Failure


  Nutrition Management in Respiratory Failure

Respiratory failure occurs when pulmonary system is unable to perform its functions. Nutritional needs vary widely within this group of patients, depending on the underlying disease process, prior nutrition status and the patient’s age. Hypermetabolism or hypercatabolism may be present.

Energy: Because of hyper metabolism and hypercatabolism, energy needs are elevated in respiratory failure and sufficient energy must be supplied to prevent the use of the body’s own reserves of protein and fat.

Because the patient with respiratory failure may be in negative nitrogen balance, protein should be supplied to restore balance. Water requirements must be individualized based on the method of oxygen delivery and environmental factors, coupled with knowledge of underlying disease processes and prescribed medications.

Vitamins and minerals: Exact requirements for specific vitamins and minerals in respiratory failure are unknown. Vitamins and minerals necessary for anabolism, wound healing and immunity and those with antioxidant functions may be need to be increased.

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