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  Gluten Free diet

Gluten is a protein and mostly it is found in wheat .It consists of proteins gliadin and glutenin. This gives elasticity structure to the wheat dough. Glutenin protein gives the elastic properties to gluten. A diet completely free of the ingredients derived from gluten containing cereals. Gluten free diet is required for celiac disease patients. When gluten comes in contact with small intestine some people cannot tolerate it and this is known as celiac disease. This interferes with absorption of nutrients from food. When people with this condition eat foods containing gluten, their immune system responds by damaging the lining of the small intestine. And when the small intestine is damaged the body is unable to absorb the nutrients. This can lead to malnutrition and can develop anemia or osteoporosis. Oats ,rye and barley also contains gluten.In today’s world gluten free commercial diets are available in the market and even many foods are naturally free from gluten.

Tips to follow Gluten free diet:

• Avoid cereals containing Gluten.

• While shopping check for the gluten free brands mentioned .As many of the grocery stores carry this. Look for gluten free labeling.

• Be careful when you go to restaurant, choose gluten free menu.

• All wheat free diets are not same as gluten free diets. As rye, oats and barley also contain gluten.

Foods to be eaten:

• Sago

• Rice

• Jam

• Peanut butter

• Honey

• Fish

• Eggs

• Cheese

• Tea

• Sugar

• Soups not added with thickening agents as flours

• Rice pan cakes

• Nuts

• Fresh fruits and juices

• Tortillas

• Curd

• Plain popcorns

• Potato

• Wine vinegar

• Fresh herbs

• Corn flour

• Corn tacos

• Pulses Vegetable oils.

Foods to be avoided:

• Cereals – wheat, barley, rye and oats.

• Wheat bread.

• Roti

• Rye bread

• Barley drinks

• Bread crumbs

• Semolina

• Bread rolls

• Pizza

• Pancake

• Pasta

• Cakes

• Muffins

• Pastries

• Cookies

• Noodles

• Macaroni

• Spaghetti

• Malt

• Rusk

• Wheat germ

Some of the gluten sources can be hidden. So read the labels while you shop. Some of the examples are.

• Mustard powder

• Mustard sauce

• Pickles

• Alcoholic drinks

• Farina

• Soups where sometimes flours are added as thickening agents

• Seitan

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