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  Low Fat diet

A diet low in fat is called low fat diet. Some dietary fat is actually necessary. In certain medical conditions the body cannot tolerate much fat. So, a low fat diet may help people with these medical conditions. Some of the medical conditions where low fat diet is prescribed is Gall bladder disease, Delayed stomach emptying, Fatty liver and malbsorption syndrome.

Gall bladder secrets bile which helps to break down and absorb fat. When Gall bladder diseases or Gall stones are present there is not enough bile secreted or no bile produced by the gall bladder and so fat from food cannot be digested properly and this may cause diarrhea. A low fat diet allows your gall bladder adequate rest. Due to excess of cholesterol in the bile Gall stones are formed.

Gastroparesis is also known as delayed stomach emptying. In this disease the stomach empties food into intestine very slowly. When high amount of fats are present in foods we eat then this delays stomach emptying and cause gastroparesis. So low fat diet is good for gastroparesis.

Malabsorption and low fat diet: steatorrhea which is due to malabsorption of fat , where more than 6% of dietary fat is excreted in stool. In pancreas and small intestine diseases, patients have trouble in absorbing nutrients from diet, that include fat. A low fat diet helps may help to control symptoms.

Fat is normally not stored in liver. Due to number of reasons fat may accumulate in the liver and this may damage to liver. A low fat diet may be helpful.

List of low fat foods:

Non stick cooking spray, puddings with skim milk, soy milk, Low fat yogurt, whole wheat pasta, Brown rice, Whole wheat bread, Popcorn, Millets, Muesli, Whole Rye, Whole wheat tortillas, Oat meal, Black beans, Chick peas, Green peas, Lentils, Lima beans, Kidney beans, White beans, soy beans, Navy beans, Egg whites, Lean pork Lean lamb, skinless chicken, Liver, Skinless turkey, Rabbit, sea foods ,fresh vegetables and fresh fruits, Low fat tofu.

Tips To Follow Low Fat Diet:

• Avoid fried foods.

• Avoid carbonated beverages.

• Drink low fat milk or low fat dairy products.

• Drink plenty of water.

• Avoid alcoholic beverages and stop smoking.

• Increase physical activity.

• Include more number of fruits and vegetables in your diet.

• Substitute one egg with two egg whites.

• Eat lean meat.

• Avoid fried chicken.

• Avoid fast foods.

• Use cooking spray instead of oil.

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