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Eyebrow shapes according to face shape

Eye brow shaping is too common now-a-days. You need to know which style fits better for your face. Below are given few shapes of eye brow and their features.

• A round shape eye brow suits a heart shaped face and gives the face a round looks.

• For people with close set eyes, at the start of eye brow tweeze few hairs at the beginning, this will show more space between eyes. You should tweeze a few more extra hairs at the beginning of the brow as it helps to create more space.

• An angled shaped eye brow will give a more youthful look. This will give your face a lifted look.

• A soft angled shaped eye brow will give a feminine look and is usually referred to as a perfect shape for ladies.

• A curved shaped eye brow gives a more professional.

• A flat shaped eye brow fit for people with long face and gives a natural look.

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