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Obesity has already acquired the role of an epidemic. The cases of childhood obesity have been continuously increasing throughout the world. There have been many articles in newspapers and documentaries on television asking the parents to get up and prevent their children from falling prey to obesity. There are easy ways that parents can become the first line of defense for their children and truly be instrumental in reducing the risk for childhood obesity within their child.

• Have the child evaluated regularly by the family physician or the pediatrician. A health and wellness checkup is important for every child, because it can help to evaluate medical problems while assessing risk factors for potential and future medical problems.

• Encourage healthy eating by removing high fat and sugary snacks, and replacing them with healthier choices like fresh fruits and vegetables. Numerous healthy low fat snacks are also available in the market.

• Take a stand against sedentary activity. Motivate and encourage your child for more physical activities rather than just sitting at one place and getting glued to television, computer or video games. Always remember that the child who abstains from physical activities is more prone to obesity.

• Communicate acceptance to the child in case he/she is already obese. An obese child knows they have a weight problem, and they do not need to have the parental ridicule to deal with on top of the peer ridicule they probably receive daily. Parents should love their child unconditionally and accept them for who they are. They should form a partnership to help their child reduce the risk of obesity and combat weight problems.

• Always remember to be a positive role model for your child because children learn from the example set by their parents. So, practice what you preach.

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