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Child Health » Head Lice in Children

Head lice infestation is very common especially among school going children. Head lice are parasites that live by the host’s blood in the hair and head scalp and which can develop in large numbers. That is most horrifying thing about hair lice, it just few lice to make a large population.

Head lice are pretty unpleasant and most people have suffered an infestation at some point or another. Children are more likely to get them, due to contact through play and being around lots of other kids at school or at the playground. Despite being gross and a bit of nuisance, they are very common, pretty harmless.
It is mostly assumed that head lice spread from one head to another by close contact only. However, they can also spread through the sharing of items, such as a hair brush, pillow, soft toy or hat. It should be also noted that killing the lice will not solve the problem. This is because lice eggs hatch after about 7-10 days. If they are not removed the person will be re-infested.

Personal hygiene has nothing to do with the lice infestation. Symptoms of lice infestation include:

• Tickling feeling in the hair
• Frequent itching
• Sores from scratching

There are many treatments which are available now for this kind of threat. The best and safest way to start the treatment of lice in the child is through all kinds of natural remedies, like use of various essential oils, mayonnaise, vinegar, herbs and many more. Lice combs are also available which are specially made for killing lice.

Medical treatments in the form of anti-lice hair shampoos are also available in the market. Before using shampoos consult a dermatologist or a good doctor to make sure that product is safe for the child or the infested person.

In case of lice infested, it is very important to act fast and not to delay.

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