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Child Health » How to Raise a Handicapped Child

Challenges during parenthood come in a variety of forms. Raising a disabled child is one of such challenges. A child may be handicapped mentally, physically or may be suffering from Down syndrome or Autism. Whatever may be the case, a disabled child needs special attention.

If you have a child with any sort of disability, then you first need to accept the fact that there are millions of parents around you who are facing the same sort of problem. Below are few guidelines which will help you in your journey towards raising a child with special needs:

• Study and gain knowledge as much as possible about this particular form of disability your child is suffering from.

• Register your child with some special medical or nursing association where there are many children of that kind, so that you can update up to date advises.

• Always maintain a positive mind-set, as it assists the child to defeat his/her disability.

• Provide good guidance to the child by telling that he/she is not alone and having any sort of disability doesn’t mean that he wont have any kind of competence.

• Never label the child with disability otherwise they will never be able to come out of it.

• Appreciate and encourage your child every time he/she passes through some difficulty.

• Give them proper love, hugs and kisses so that they never feel accompanied.

• Constantly focus on the progress of the child, detect that what uncommon capabilities he /she bears and what are the interests.

• Facilitate the child with latest equipments if possible to overcome his/her disability. It can increase the mobility and activity of the child and increase the confidence.

• Always maintain a proper balance amongst your kids and instruct normal children the way they need to take care of their unusual brother/sister.

• Provide them with constructive activities to keep them busy and industrious. Sitting inactive and watching others can make them hopeless and unhappy.

• Such children can get irritated and guilty any time. Treat and grip graciously in such situations.

In the end, the greatest asset for special-needs families is a positive attitude.  Raising a child with a disability offers a host of rewards that may not be evident in the early days. Of course, it takes time and experience to get there, along with a concerted effort to find as normal a life as possible for the child and the entire family.

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