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Child Health » How to Take Care of a Newly Born Baby?

The world changes in a countless, wonderful ways with the arrival of a newly born. When a baby is born, parents are the center of its life. A baby depends upon mother for all small things. One should be aware of this, and thus ensure that the baby is brought up in a peaceful, warm and secure environment.

Here are few of the tips to look after the newly born babies:

• The mother should make sure that the baby is feed right.

• The baby should get proper sleep.

• Follow the proper way while giving bath to the baby.

• Preferably, cotton clothes should be used to avoid unwanted skin allergies.

• The baby must be kept warm and dry to prevent heat loss.

• Kohl (kajal or surma) should not be put to the babies eyes. It may cause infection and discharge in the eye.

• Don’t put oil in the ears or nose of the baby. It causes serious damage and infection.

• Avoid harsh body massage. Any oil applied gently before bath.

• Soaps and cosmetics should be avoided. Rather mild soaps should be used.

• A mother should also look after her own health. Eat a well balanced diet, which is very important for nourishing mothers.

Caring for the baby is certainly one of the most important things for the new parents. The utmost priority of a new mother should be to take care of the newly born. She should take out time to rest and relax so that she can take better care of the infant child.

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