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The biggest challenge faced in parenthood is to stop baby from crying. Baby crying is the method to tell you that baby has some problems. Baby cry for a number of reasons like hunger, being uncomfortable, to divert your attention to her etc...

Following are some of the methods to stop baby cry

• The first most common reason for a baby cry is hunger. Feed her and this can calm her down.

• Wrap the baby tightly will give her good support and warmth.

• The mother’s presence will always soothe the baby to calmness. Keep the baby near your chest and allow it to feel your heartbeat.

• Check if the diaper needs to be changed or is too tight for your baby.
• Check for the body temperature and see if she is warm or cool.

• Babies like playing with toys allow them to play which will keep them happy.

• If you have taken you baby to some party or noisy area then you can expect her to cry take her away from that environment.

• Newborns like swinging like motion, cradle her slowly she might fall asleep.

• Check for any rashes or redness in the baby’s body especially in her waist. If the baby is not comfortable with diaper she may feels restless.

• In the first few days do not give your baby to others hand, so that She will try to recognize your touch and feel safe.

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