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Child Health » Methods to beat exam stress

All of us have gone through a situation of facing examinations. In India, children are pressurized by parents and institutions to achieve top marks. This creates stress on children this in turn interferes with their performance. Here, are few tips to deal with this problem and do best this exam season:

Eat healthy: Choose on whole grains, fresh vegetables, fruits and protein rich food for a long session. Eggs help to boost memory and concentration. Avoid caffeinated drinks, soda, coke, energy drinks etc, instead opt for fresh juices, vegetable soups etc, which has high supply of vitamins and minerals. Substitute junk foods and snacks with a treat of dry nuts or fruit salads.
Exercise: Work out is necessary to stimulate the brain that is responsible for learning and memorizing. Exercise is a good stress buster. If you do not find time for a work out, a 15 minutes walk a day can relieve stress and increase focus on studies. Other methods to relax are cycling, gardening or sports activities.
Sleep: Get sufficient sleep during stressful situation. Sleeplessness may lead to tiredness, moody and a confused state. The ability to analyze and memorize subjects becomes more difficult without proper sleep. 

Take a break: As the old saying goes “All work, no play, makes Jack a dull boy”, frequent breaks are necessary for children to relax and refresh the overstressed mind.  This gives some time for the brain to rest and aid in focusing on work more when you are back to study.

Be positive: Feel good and positive within you. Have a relaxed mind and a cool attitude. Talk to someone who cares for you and discuss your problems with them. Say “no” to unnecessary talks and discussion. Avoid annoying people or who complain. This might cloud the mind with imaginations. Believe in yourself.

Spiritual aid: Meditation can relax the mind. Spiritual beliefs help you to go through the tough situation with ease. Remember you can do only your best.

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