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Baby’s cry is their first means of communication. If a baby is calm, it means he does not want anything. Different cries mean different need. Try to recognize the types of cry the baby uses to convey a message. Here are few reasons why a baby cries.

: This is the most commonly found reason for a baby’s cry. A baby’s stomach is very small; therefore she may feel hungry very often. The baby may not stop crying immediately, but gradually soothes as her stomach gets filled.

Discomfort: Babies get uncomfortable if their diaper is soiled or too tight. The filled diaper might irritate the tender skin, which makes the baby to cry for a call to change the diaper.

Warmth: Babies cannot tolerate extreme cold or heat. They need cozy bedding that is warm. They should be clothed lightly to avoid over heat.

: Babies demand for a cuddling. If a baby is left unattended, they feel lonely and bored. An older baby may be content to see you around, but a new born needs physical contact.

: A baby is given the gift to sleep at any time and at any place they like. Sometimes, during uncomfortable situations like over crowded place, they get frustrated and over stimulated. They might find it difficult to sleep. They gradually start crying to say, “I need rest”.

: If the baby is fed, comfortably laid, but still continues to cry, then there might be something wrong. It might be a sense of irritation due to diaper rashes, prickly heat, stomach ache, indigestion etc.

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