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Curative and Prevention Tips » 10 Tips for Healthy Heart

Heart is one of the very significant organs in the human body. The heart beat is the first steady rhythm and proof of life within the mother's womb. This is the beat that keeps on going through out his/her life and when the beat comes to an end, so does the individual. Therefore, it is very important to take good care of heart, as the sufferings can greatly increase if the condition of the heart is not regulated properly and may even lead to sudden death or slow and painful agony.

Heart disease is one of the leading causes of death in the world. Change in lifestyle can prevent heart attack to a large extent, thus increasing the chances of a healthy and long life. Few of the tips to have a healthy heart are:

1. Eat heart healthy foods - Choose foods that can reduce cholesterol and improve heart health. These include fruits (like apples, avocados, and dried fruits), vegetables (like carrot, corns, and onions), and items containing omega-3 fatty acids, soy, nuts, whole grain breads and cereals.

2. Cut down on salt  - Too much of salt intake can lead to high blood pressure, which can increase the risk of cardiovascular diseases (especially the coronary heart diseases). Avoid foods items like crisps, salted nuts, canned and packet soups and sauces, pizzas and ready meals.

3. Cut the fat - To keep the cholesterol level under control, limit the amount of fat intake, especially saturated fat. The total fat intake should not be more than 30% of the fats by daily calories.

4. Don’t smoke - Long-term smokers can cut their risk of heart attack to equal that of non-smokers within just two short years of stopping.

5. Monitor the alcohol intake to 1 or 2 units per day.

6. Know your body - Make sure that all the parameters on your body like BP, cholesterol levels are within the normal level.

7. Know your family health history.

8. Work for the health of your heart - The best preventive medicine for the heart disease is the aerobic exercise.

9. Make sure you recognize the early sign of the coronary heart disease.

10.Check for diabetes - Increased blood sugar can be a factor for the onset of heart disease, especially in case of obesity.

Prevention is better than cure so one should work hard to keep their heart healthy in the first place.

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