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Curative and Prevention Tips » Are you feeling sluggish after sleep?

As everyone knows eight hours of sleep every night ought to be enough to refresh you, however, if you still wake up, feeling exhausted, chances are, and you aren’t sleeping right. Is there any ways of sleeping right, Answer is yes. By following below mentioned ways you can wake up fresh in morning and remain active whole day.

Eat early: Avoid meals at least a couple of hours before bedtime because eating late causes the system to work hard to digest the food which hinders sleep and moreover body does not require as much energy during night, the food is stored as fat, causes weight gain.

Breathe Right: Inadequate breathing during sleep causes the airway to close for some moments, causing you to stop breathing, it happens because of improper sleeping position. Keep in mind don’t sleep on couch or doze offwhile resting you pillow on the bed headrest .Obesity, consumption of alcohol and smoking right before sleeping also cause improper breathing.

Right Mattress: Choice of mattress also effects you sleep, use of good quality mattress is very important. It is good to change your mattress after 8-10 years, don’t use them for longer duration because old mattress loses its firmness ,develops bumps and body will be not in ease, Bigger mattress are better to use than small and narrow.

Maintain sleep cycle: Don’t sleep at irregular hours everyday as it effects biological cycle of your body and it become difficult for body and mind to coordinate leads to sleep disturbance and this also causes increase in depression and fatigue.

Avoid caffeine intake: Have coffee and tea before sleep is bad idea as it boosts adrenaline production and makes brain alert by blocking sleep.

Leave Work: When you go for sleep ,It is advisable not to  think so much about your day activities and next day work because your brain will not get rest during this thinking process and this can disrupt your sleep, Do meditation for couple of minutes to calm your mind and then happily go for sleep.

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