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Curative and Prevention Tips » Back Pain Remedies

Pain in the lower back is one of the most common medical problem. Back pain can be cause by either disease or injury to the muscles, bones, and nerves of the spine.

To overcome back pain, one should follow the simple steps as given below,

• Massage with eucalyptus or mustard oil in the stained area.

• Include garlic in daily diet.

• Daily drink mixture of warm tulsi water with salt.

• Take one tablespoon of honey with little amount dalchini powder, twice a day.

• While sleeping, sleep on a firm mattress.

• Include tomato, carrot, cabbage, cucumber, spinach in diet.

• Take equal amount of cuscus grass mixed with sugar in warm milk, two times per day.

• Take mixture of warm water with one tablespoon of honey.

• Go for regular exercise and brisk walk.

• Avoid carrying heavy weights.

• Apply ice pack to the painful area.

• Take hot bath.

• Maintain healthy weight.

• Avoid direct bending for picking any thing from the ground.

• Avoid Sedentary life style.

• Don’t sit in one posture for long time.

• Practice relaxing techniques such as meditation, deep-breathing exercise.

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