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Curative and Prevention Tips » Body Signs that Something is Missing for your Health

According to recent studies, a human body sends many signs indicating that there is something missing  in the individual’s health. These signs can identify the underlying medical problem that needs immediate attention and thus, in many circumstances, can prevent the declaration of any medical emergency. It is advisable to check ones’ body from head to toe for any tell-tale signs. Some of few such body signs are mentioned below:

• Eyebrows: If one notices the loss of hair on the outer corner or they appear to be shortening, then that could be the indication of low thyroid hormone.

• Eyelids: Tiny-yellow bumps in the inner corner of the eye can be fatty acid deposits, which is an important sign of high cholesterol level in the individual’s body.

• Eyes:  Bulging eye can be a sign of overactive hormone. Yellow coloration of eye may indicate liver disease or any problem associated with the gall bladder.

• Earlobes:  According to the NIH study, a diagonal crease in the earlobe is very significant. It may indicate a blocked circulation throughout the body and may be linked to a possibility of a heart attack.

• Hair:  Dry and brittle hair can be an indication of a thyroid problem or iron deficiency. Premature graying of hair indicates vitamin B12 deficiency. A sudden hair loss is considered a sign of too much stress.

• Bruising: Bruising a lot more than usual could be an early sign of leukemia or reaction to medications.

• Varicose veins and spider veins: Usually, these are hereditary. But, if they develop seemingly overnight accompanied with calf swelling or tenderness, then that could indicate an internal blood-clot (deep vein thrombosis), which is a medical emergency. A spider vein on the abdomen can be a sign of liver disease. 

• Finger nails: Dry and brittle nails can be an indication of a thyroid disease or an iron or vitamin B12 deficiency. Horizontal lines on the nail indicate heart disease or heart failure. Yellow or brown nails could be due to fungal infection or may even indicate a lung disease.

• Small, painless lumps on the chest or under arm can be a sign of breast cancer in case of both male and female.

Therefore, it is extremely important for an individual to properly check his/her body on a regular basis for such indicators recognize the subtle changes and consult the doctor.

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