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Curative and Prevention Tips » First Aid Tips

Giving first aid in general is medical care procedures which even a general public can perform during certain medical emergency situation before the medical team comes in. In simple terms first aid is to provide an emergency or initial care during illness or injury. 

First aid tips for Heart Attack

• Make a call to ambulance and make the patient to lie down.

• If the patient is not breathing properly start an artificial respiration –

   a) First close the patient’s nostrils tightly by pinching them together.

   b) Next take a deep breath and close the patient’s mouth with your mouth.

   c) Then breathe into the patient’s mouth slowly

   d) Repeat the procedure till the victim is able to breathe on his own; you will be able to see his chest rise and fall.

• Dissolve Aspirin in a glass of water and make him to drink that emulsion.

• Keep a sorbitrate under the patient's tongue.

First aid tips for Cuts

• Wash the cut area immediately with water avoiding soap.

• Remove the dirt in the wound with dettol dipped in cotton and apply an antibiotic ointment.

• The wound should be properly dressed and is best to change the dressing periodically.

• Avoid breathing on open wound and always apply mild pressure if the bleeding persists.

First aid tips for Burns

• The burnt area must be cooled with water and avoid applying oil on it.

• If it is a mild burn treat with ointment or spray is helpful.

• Painkillers like as ibuprofen or acetaminophen can be used.

• Wear loose cotton or silk cloth and try to avoid any contact with burned area.

First aid tips for Animal or Insect bite

• Wash the bite area with warm water and mild soap.

• Apply pressure to stop the bleeding.

• Apply ice in swollen areas.

• Apply bandage on it.

First aid tips for Fracture

First loosen the clothes and check for the pulse rate, if no pulse is found on arms or legs then surgical care is needed immediately.

If the bone is seen protruding out then covers it with clean cloth if bleeding is stopped.
Avoid massaging the affected area if it is swollen as it worse the condition.

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