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Curative and Prevention Tips » Health Care during Summer Season

Although summer offers a lot of fun activities, there are lots of health hazards that go hand-in-hand with the warmest of the four seasons. Therefore a summer health care guide is essential to protect oneself from the scorching heat of the sun.

Following are the tips which one can take care to protect her/him from the summer health hazards and enjoy the season:

To protect oneself from sunburns:

• Avoid sun between 10 a.m. and 2 p.m. when UV light is more intense.

• Wear generous amount of sunscreen that is anti-UVA/UVB and has a SPF-15 rating or higher.

• Wear hats and try to cover the body with clothing as far as possible.

Preventions from heat/sunstroke:

• Drink lots of water whole throughout the day.

• Wear light colored, loose fitted clothes.

• Avoid exercise, coffee and alcohol in extreme heat conditions.
If a person suffers from heat stroke, try to give the first aid by moving him into the shade, removing/loosening the clothing, applying cool or tepid water to the skin, fanning him and by placing ice packs under the armpits and the groin. Rehydrate the victim with water (preferably sports drink); if the victim begins shivering slow down cooling process.

• Consume lots of juices and seasonal fruits like grapes, mangoes, watermelon, banana, lemon and pineapple. Consume green vegetables in large quantities as well. This reduces the body heat and regulates the body temperature.

• Avoid foods of pungent odor, dry and salty foods.

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