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Good health is as good as any other thing and should be of utmost priority for all the people. To have good health, the following basic principles should be provided.

• One should always stay in a good and quiet environment to prevent excessive noise from disturbing the thinking ability.

• Be very good in the selection of good food and balanced diet.

• Love to exercise and play outdoor games.

• Don't form the habit of eating late.

• Make a practice of taking evening and morning walk to fresh air.

• Do try to take a walk after eating.

• Don't use the toilet without washing it.

• Always take clean, filtered and naturally treated water.

• Don't use any body cream that is not of standard. This might harm the skin.

• Don't enter a place that is not good for the body.

• If you have asthma, please don't go near a place where there is smoke and avoid dust in all as much as possible.

• If you are having eye problems, don't use an eye glass that is not treated or recommended by a qualified and experienced eye doctor.

• Always learn the habit of smiling when you are troubled. This will lessen the stress.

• Keep your environment neat and clean.

• The finger nails should be kept clean all the time to prevent contamination of germs.

• Wear thoroughly washed neat and clean clothes.

• Always use mosquito net to cover you doors and windows in other to prevent their entrance into the house.

• Make sure your mouth is always brushed before and after bed.

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