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Curative and Prevention Tips » Home first aid kit

First aid means giving help to a sick or an injured person who needs urgent or immediate attention. For this we need to be well prepared at any moment. All homes and vehicles should be well equipped with an emergency/ first aid kit to avoid last minute rush to a pharmacy. A first aid box should be kept locked and out of reach from children, as it contains medications and instruments which may be dangerous.

A well stocked first aid kit and medicine cabinet should have the following items:


Band aids: For minor scrapes and cuts

Bandages: To control bleeding

Absorbent cotton: To clean the wound

Roller gauze: To cover/dress a wound

Adhesive tapes: For dressing a wound or injury

Scissors: Aids in dressing of wound.

Elastic bandages: For sprains or muscle tear

Thermometer: To check temperature

Ice packs: To arrest bleeding


Antiseptic solution (Dettol, Savlon, hydrogen peroxide): This helps to clean the wound or minor cuts, and prevents infection.

Antibiotic ointment (Neosporin.):
To be applied on wound or injury to prevent infections.

Hand cleaner:
A hand wash is essential before and after treating any conditions, to ensure clean and bacteria free hands.

Pain relief ointments/ spray (Iodex, Relispray, Just go, etc.):  To treat inflammations, swellings or pain in muscles.

Acetaminophen and Ibuprofen: To treat fever, headache, and body ache. These medications are available in drops/ syrups for infants.

Calamine lotion:
To relieve the skin from dryness or itches, after a bite by an insect or bug.

Cough syrup (Benadryl): To treat cough due to minor allergic conditions.

Diaper rash cream: If there is a baby at home, this may be very useful.

Decongestant tablets & (Nose) spray or drops (Vicks vapor rub, cold act tablet): Used to moisten nasal passage and aids in breathing.

Anti Diarrhea medication (lomotil, Loperamide): To control loose motion.

Anti allergic medicines (Avil):
To treat unexpected allergies caused due to insect bite or food.

Antacid (Digene):
To relieve from indigestion.

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