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Curative and Prevention Tips » How to deal with Work Stress?

In today’s highly competitive world, almost everyone has been related to different types of stress; may be one form or the other. Almost every working person or a job holder has associated or complaining of work stress.

Stress in any form is not at all good for a person.  In a worst side, it can cause health problems and tensions at home and performance issues at work. Psychologists and counselors advise that employees should identify the cause of their stress and tackle it head on. But often, work stress is a combination of factors. In that case, it is very important to improve the ability to cope with stress. Some of such tips are as follows:

Mini – breaks: Continuous working without a break affects in a long run as our mind cannot function efficiently non-stop. It is advisable to take 3 to 5 minutes break every 1 or 2 hours.

Hobby and a friends’ help: Try and squeeze in a 10- to 15-minute break once every three hours and use that time to pursue activities that give you pleasure. If you can’t afford to get away from your desk, try listening to soothing music.

The right foods: When we are stressed out, some of us tend to eat more. Do yourself a favor by keeping some healthy snacks around. These could include dried fruits, peanuts, cut-up carrots and cucumbers.

Nice surroundings: Having a desk or a cubicle is almost like at home during the work day. Try and keep the work-space tidy. Try adding a personal touch to the workplace, like a family photo –something which reminds you what all the hard work is for.

Time Management: Learn to prioritize your work and do the planning accordingly. You can come to work 30 minutes before everyone else and use that quite time for thinking and planning for the day. Stay late at office once in a while if you need to but don’t carry the pending work.

Deep breathing: Sometimes when we are seriously stressed out, we are so focused on our work that our breathing becomes shallow. Take a minute to breathe deeply a few times and you will feel relaxed almost immediately.

Exercise: Exercise can burn off the excess energy created during the stress build-up, thereby easing the tension. So make it a point to exercise often, even if it’s for a short period of time. It makes one feel happy because exercise releases the feel-good hormones.

Better Lifestyle Choices: Individuals should make lifestyle choices which make them physically fit, which in turn, helps them cope with stress better. Get adequate hours of sleep which is something that people these days don’t really get.

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