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Curative and Prevention Tips » How to Improve Digestion?

Maintenance of a healthy digestive system can be achieved by physical activity, by eating variety of food like almonds, apricot, mint, papaya, bananas, fish oil, asparagus, low fat milk etc., and by avoiding caffeine, cheese, butter, spicy foods, and alcohol. 

By following simple and correct lifestyle one can have a good digestion as follows:

• Avoid over dose of food
• Chew the food thoroughly before swallowing
• Consume cooked foods instead of raw foods
• Avoid cool drinks and ice water during meals
• Daily drink a cup of lemon juice before breakfast
• Drink hot water or herbal tea
• Drink plenty of water
• Eat fruits between meals rather than with meals
• Avoid eating fried and spicy food
• Eat in stress free environment
• Eat little meals
• Fresh rhubarb is excellent for good digestion
• Have a black tea with ginger, two times per a day
• Increase dietary fiber
• Maintain regular food timings every day
• Maintain short term fasting
• Avoid eating before bedtime
• Maintain morning walk, jogging, swimming
• Take a glass of warm water  and mix a tsp of lime juice with two tsp of honey
• Take a little walk for ten minutes after lunch and dinner

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