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Curative and Prevention Tips » How to overcome body heat

Consumption of fruits and juices like watermelon, banana, jack fruit, grapes, lemon and pine apple reduces body heat and benefits in controlling overheat.

Daily intake of barely, sharbats, buttermilk with sugar cools the body.The juices of dry grapes, cucumber, and dates with Dalchini, Cardamom are helpful to reduce the body heat.

Foods like rice with milk, sugar candy,  lassie are good to overcome the body heat.

Other ways that helps to get rid of overheat include

• Swimming is advisable in a pond, lake or river

• Avoid outdoor activity during the afternoon hours

• Exercise must be limited

• Drinking lot of water throughout the day will keep body cool


• Eat less protein and more fruits and vegetables this will avoid further water loss

• Take more cold baths to stop over sweating

• Avoid coffee and tea which worsen the central nervous system

• Avoid alcoholic, carbonated, sugar and caffeine drinks

• Wear clothing that is light in color and loose fitting

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