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Curative and Prevention Tips » Keep Headache at Bay!

Headache is one of the most common medical complaints of modern man, thanks to our hectic lifestyle. We all have had it in varying frequencies and intensities. In fact, both adults and children alike may suffer occasionally from this throbbing pain.

Headaches can be brought about by a number of reasons - tension, infection, allergy, injury, hunger, and change in the flow of blood in the head or an exposure to offensive chemicals. Fortunately, most headaches respond well to self-care and can be treated at home using over-the-counter medications and some rest.

Here are some other proven methods that you can follow to effectively treat headaches or keep them at a distance:

Rest - One of the most effective treatments for headaches is taking a much - needed rest. This is especially true for migraine type headaches where sleeping or resting in a darkened room can be the only way to stop the pain.

Compression - To treat a headache, one can use a hot or a cold compress and instantly start feeling the pain disappear. Just place the compress over the eyes or on the site of the pain for at least half an hour for optimum results. Just be sure to maintain the temperature more or less constant by constantly dipping the washcloth in cold or warm water.

Take a deep breath - Tension is one of the most common causes of headaches. In fact, about 90% of all headaches are due to modern day stress. If this is the case, try to take a break and think happy thoughts, relax and take a couple of deep breaths.

Go easy on the pills - Being dependent on over-the-counter analgesics to stop the pain may actually worsen the condition in the long run. Remember that these drugs can be helpful only when taken in limited quantities.

Take an active path towards healthy living - Alcoholic beverages are found to contain tyramine, an amino acid, which stimulates headaches. If you have been smoking and drinking for quite some time now, you may be experiencing an increase in the onset of headaches. This is because these two habits have been scientifically proven to set off migraines and cluster headaches.

Know the cause of headaches - If you are frequently suffering from headaches, it’s a high time to consult the doctor as it may be an indication of some serious problem within your body.

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